Fashion makeup is a specialized form of makeup artistry that plays a crucial role in the world of fashion, whether it’s for editorial shoots, runway shows, or advertising campaigns. It goes beyond everyday makeup and focuses on creating a unique and captivating look that aligns with the overarching theme or concept of the fashion project.

Pop Art Makeup

Pop art makeup is a vibrant and bold cosmetic style inspired by the 1950s and 1960s Pop Art movement. It features:

  1.  Vibrant Colors: Bright primary colors for high contrast.
  2.  Graphic Lines: Thick black lines, dots, and shapes like in comic books.
  3. Exaggerated Features: Cartoon-like features, like enlarged eyes and lips.
  4. Pop Culture References: Incorporating icons and brands.
  5. Playful Expression: A form of creative self-expression.

Pop art makeup is ideal for special events, costume parties, or as a unique daily style to make a bold and artistic statement.

Collaborating with New Media Design Students

Louis Riel Arts & Technology Esthetics students collaborated with New Media Design students to craft dynamic Pop Art Makeup Magazine covers. The Esthetics students unveiled their creative vision and concepts, complete with visual references, during the pre-makeup phase. On the day of the makeup session, Technical Vocational High School students handled the photography. Subsequently, New Media Design students captured the shots and adeptly crafted magazine covers using Canva, an online design tool.

Through constructive feedback sessions with their partners, the teams fine-tuned their designs, resulting in a remarkable array of final products. Explore these captivating creations below!

Pop Art Magazine Covers